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Volume 16, Issue 1 Spring 2020

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From the Editor

Featured Articles

American Luthier: The Art and Science of Carleen Hutchins – Quincy Whitney

Synthesis of Musical Instrument Sounds: Physics-Based Modeling or Machine Learning? – Scott H. Hawley, Vasileios Chatziioannou, and  Andrew Morrison

From Father Flanagan to Hearing Research: A History of Acoustics Research at Boys Town – Walt Jesteadt

Music Beyond Sound: Weighing the Contributions of Touch, Sight, and Balance – Frank A. Russo

Are Virtual Sounds Real? – Michael Vorländer

Ocean Acoustics in the Rapidly Changing Arctic –  Peter F. Worcester, Matthew A. Dzieciuch, and Hanne Sagen

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes Announcement

Ask an Acoustician – Jennifer Miksis-Olds and Micheal L. Dent

Student Council Chairs Shed Light on Student Affairs – William J. Doebler and Kali Burke

Science Communication Training – L. Keeta Jones

Administrative Committee Report: Committee on Publication Policy – Vladimir E. Ostashev and D. Keith Wilson

A Sustainable and Fiscally Responsible Business Model for the Acoustical Society of America  Standards Program – Christopher J. Struck


ASA Press Announcements

Foundation Report – James H. Miller

Volume 16, Issue 2 Summer 2020

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ASA Statement on Racism and Injustice

From the Editor – Arthur N. Popper

From the President – Victor Sparrow


Featured Articles

The Underwater Sound from Offshore Wind Farms – Jennifer Amaral, Kathleen Vigness-Raposa, James H. Miller, Gopu R. Potty, Arthur Newhall, and Ying-Tsong Lin

Solving Complex Acoustic Problems Using High-Performance Computations – Gregory Bunting, Clark R. Dohrmann, Scott T. Miller, and Timothy F. Walsh

Battlefield Acoustics in the First World War: Artillery Location – Richard Daniel Costley Jr.

Bioacoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy: A New Approach to Monitoring Fish at Sea – Orest Diachok

The Tuning Fork: An Amazing Acoustics Apparatus – Daniel A. Russell

Speech Acoustics of the World’s Languages – Benjamin V. Tucker and Richard Wright

The Adapted Ears of Big Cats and Golden Moles: Exotic Outcomes of the Evolutionary Radiation of Mammals – Edward J. Walsh and JoAnn McGee

Sound Perspectives

Ask an Acoustician – Subha Maruvada and Micheal L. Dent

JASA-EL to Become an Independent, “Gold-Level,” Open-Access Journal – Charles C. Church

A Perspective on Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics – Kent L. Gee, Megan S. Ballard, and Helen Wall Murray

ASA Books Committee – Mark F. Hamilton

Data, Dinners, and Diapers: Traveling with a Baby to a Scientific Conference – Laura N. Kloepper

Work-Parenting Harmony – Tracianne B. Neilsen and Alison K. Stimpert

Spooked! – Lenny Rudow


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