Issue 1 Jan 2013

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On the Fascinating Phenomenon of Diffraction by Periodic Structures – Nico Felicien Declercq

Microbubbles as Ultrasound Contrast Agents  – Thomas J. Matula, Hong Chen

A SIMPLE ELECTRONICALLY-PHASED ACOUSTIC ARRAY – Martin L. Smith Martin L. Smith, Michael R. Roddewig, Kurt M. Strovink, John A. Scales

Report of ISO-TC 43, Acoustics, and ISO-TC 43-SC1, Noise, Standards Meetings in Florianopolis, Brazil, November 2012 – Robert D. Hellweg, Jr., Jeff G. Schmitt, Laura Ann Wilber

A c o u s t i c a l N e w s – Elaine Moran – Elaine Moran