Volume 16 | Issue 4 Winter 2020

​From the Editor

From the President

Featured Articles

When Speech Goes Wrong: Evidence from Aphasia – Sheila E. Blumstein

Electric Vehicles Get Alert Signals to be Heard by Pedestrians: Benefits and Drawbacks – André Fiebig

The Evolution of Bat Robots – Rolf Müller and Roman Kuc

Kurtosis: A New Tool for Noise Analysis – Wei Qiu, William J. Murphy, and Alice Suter

Simulation-Based Auralization of Room Acoustics – Lauri Savioja and Ning Xiang

The Soundscape of Twenty-First-Century Libraries – Gary W. Siebein, Keely M. Siebein, Marylin Roa, and Hyun G. Paek

How a Frog Hears – Andrea Megela Simmons and Darlene R. Ketten

Sound Perspectives

Addressing the Lack of Black Members in the ASA – Tyrone Porter

The Need for A New Normal – E. K. Ellington Scott

Being a Black Scholar – James West

Ask an Acoustician: W. Owen Brimijoin

Student and Regional Chapters: The Grass Roots of the ASA – Colby W. Cushing and Elizabeth F. Weidner

What Is Responsible Conduct of Research? – Robert J. Dooling and Melissa A. Thompson


Obituary – Wendy Herd | 1973–2020

Letters to the Editor