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Winter 2022 Volume 18, Issue 4

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

Acquired Hearing Loss: Is Prevention or Reversal a Realistic Goal?Colleen G. Le Prell

U-boat Predators in the Great War: “A Problem of Physics, Pure and Simple”Roy Manstan

The Acoustics of the Modern Jazz Drum Kit E. K. Ellington Scott and Andrew Morrison

Immersive Wave Experimentation and The MatrixDirk-Jan van Manen and Johan O. A. Robertsson

Reflected Sound: Friend or FoePavel Zahorik and Matthew T. Neal

Sound Perspectives

Conversation with a Colleague: Robin Glosemeyer PetroneRobin Glosemeyer Petrone

New Efforts to Bring Acoustics Standards into the CurriculumNancy A. Blair-DeLeon

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Ocean NoiseShane Guan, Jill Lewandowski, and Erica Staaterman

Vantage: A Report on the Acoustical Society Foundation FundJames H. Miller

Student Challenge Problem 2022: Additive Manufacturing and AcousticsChristina J. Naify and Michael R. Haberman

Involvement in the Acoustical Society of America Is KeyTracianne B. Neilsen and Anna C. Diedesch

Studying Acoustics Abroad: Exciting Opportunities for Young AcousticiansErik Alan Petersen

Bringing the History of Our Fellows into the Modern AgeNing Xiang and K. Anthony Hoover



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