Volume 13 Issue 2, Summer 2017

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From the Editor
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Featured Articles

Acoustical Measurements with Smartphones: Possibilities and Limitations – by Benjamin M. Faber

What To Do About Environmental Noise? – by Enda Murphy

Insect Bioacoustics– by Gerald S. Pollack

Terrestrial, Semiaquatic, and Fully Aquatic Mammal Sound Production Mechanisms – by Joy S. Reidenberg

Marine Mammal Acoustic Behavior – by Peter L. Tyack

Sound Perspectives

The Need for Speed – by James F. Lynch and Adrian KC Lee

ASA Education and Outreach Program – by L. Keeta Jones

Women in Acoustics: Honoring Some of Our Heroes – by Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen

The Shape of the ASA: Similarity Relationships Among the Acoustical Society’s Technical Areas – by Kenneth J. de Jong and Terrin Tamati

Technical Committee Report: Animal Bioacoustics – by Christine Erbe and Micheal L. Dent


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

Book Announcements from ASA Press

Understanding Acoustics – by Steven L. Garrett

Acoustics of the Seabed as a Poroelastic Medium – by Nicholas P. Chotiros


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