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Volume 14, Issue 1 Spring 2018

From the Editor

Featured Articles

The Mammalian Ear: Physics and the Principles of Evolution – Geoffrey A. Manley, Andrei N. Lukashkin, Patrício Simões, George W. S. Burwood, and Ian J. Russell

The Inaudible Rumble of Volcanic Eruptions – Robin S. Matoza and David Fee

Exploring the Ocean Through Soundscapes – Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Bruce Martin, and Peter L. Tyack

Floyd Dunn and His Contributions to Biomedical Ultrasound – William D. O’Brien, Jr.

Soundscape Ecology of the Anthropocene – Hans Slabbekoorn

The Acoustics of Woodwind Musical Instruments – Joe Wolfe

Sound Perspectives

Committee on International Research and Education – Ann Bradlow and Michael Vorländer

Public Relations Committee – Andrew A. Piacsek

Student Council of the Acoustical Society of America—Tyler J. Flynn and Sarah M. Young

Ask an Acoustician – Whitney Coyle

Celebrating 100: Walter H. Munk – Peter F. Worcester


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

ASA Press Book Announcement

Neville H. Fletcher | 1930-2017
Asbjørn Krokstad | 1931-2017
Bertel Møhl | 1936-2017

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Issue 14, Volume 2 Summer 2018

From the Editor

From the President

Featured Articles

Sensitivity to Foreign Accent – Kenneth J. de Jong

The New Age of Sound: How Bell Telephone Laboratories and Leopold Stokowski Modernized Music – Gabrielle E. O’Brien

Canadian Innovations in Naval Acoustics from World War II to 1967 – Cristina D. S. Tollefsen

Quantitative Ultrasound and the Management of Osteoporosis – Keith A. Wear, Brent K. Hoffmeister, and Pascal Laugier

Speech: It’s Not as Acoustic as You Think – Matthew B. Winn

Sound Perspectives

ASA’s Publications: Spotlight on Quality – James Lynch, Elizabeth Bury, Mary Guillemette, and Helen Wall Murray

Archives and History Committee – Fredericka Bell-Berti

Insights on Navigating the Two-Body Problem – Tracianne B. Neilsen and Lauren M. Ronsse

Ask an Acoustician – William A. Yost and Micheal L. Dent


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

ASA Press Book Announcement
Thermoacoustics: A Unifying Perspective forSome Engines and Refrigerators – Gregory W. Swift


Arthur S. Abramson | 1925-2017

John C. Burgess | 1924-2017

Ralph N. Ohde | 1944-2018

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Volume 14, Issue 3 Fall 2018

Volume 14, Issue 3 Fall 2018

From the Editor

From the President

Featured Articles

In Her Own Words: An Acoustic Story – Marcia Isakson and Alex Tolstoy

Building a Sound Future for Students: Considering the Acoustics in Occupied Active Classrooms – Laura C. Brill, Kieren Smith, and Lily M. Wang

Human Perception of Sonic Booms from Supersonic Aircraft – Alexandra Loubeau and Juliet Page

Acoustic Leaky Wave Antennas: Direction-Finding via Dispersion – Christina J. Naify, Michael Haberman, Matthew D. Guild, and Caleb F. Sieck

Advancing Toward What Will Be: Speech Development in Infancy and Early Childhood – Jennell C. Vick

When Two Wrongs Make a Right: Combining Aliased Arrays to Find Sound Sources – Kathleen E. Wage

Physics-Based Signal Processing Approaches for Underwater Acoustic Sensing – Lisa M. Zurk

Sound Perspectives

Administrative Committee Report: Committee on Meetings – Clark Penrod

The Acoustical Society of America and International Noise Awareness Day – L. Keeta Jones

Reflections from Three Early Career Acousticians – Sarah M. Young and Tyler J. Flynn

Ask an Acoustician – Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp and Micheal L. Dent


Foundation Report – James H. Miller

Book Reviews

Engineering Noise Control, Fifth Edition – David A. Bies, Colin H. Hansen, and Carl O. Howard.
Review by Ning Xiang

Human and Machine Learning: Extracting Meaning from Sound – Richard F. Lyon
Review by Brian C. J. Moore

Volume 13, Issue 1 Spring 2017

From the Editor

Featured Articles

Acoustics of Organ Pipes and Future Trends in the Research – by Judit Angster, Péter Rucz, and András Miklós

What Is Electromotility? – The History of Its Discovery and Its Relevance to Acoustics – by William E. Brownell

Physiologically Based Predictors of Speech Intelligibility – by Ian C. Bruce

Speech Communication Across the Life Span – by Valerie Hazan

Clinical and Preclinical Applications of High-Frequency Ultrasound – by Jeffrey A. Ketterling and Ronald H. Silverman


Notes from a Year as a Congressional Science Fellow – by Rachel Carr

Report from the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – by Carl Rosenberg

ASA News

ASA School 2016, Snowbird, Utah – by Stan E. Dosso, Judy R. Dubno, and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

The Frequency-Following Response: A Window into Human Communication – N. Kraus, S. Anderson, T. White-Schwoch, R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper (Eds.)


Ira Dyer (1925-2016)

Richard V. Waterhouse (1924-2016)

Volume 13, Issue 2 Summer 2017

From the Editor
From the Executive Director

Featured Articles

Acoustical Measurements with Smartphones: Possibilities and Limitations – by Benjamin M. Faber

What To Do About Environmental Noise? – by Enda Murphy

Insect Bioacoustics– by Gerald S. Pollack

Terrestrial, Semiaquatic, and Fully Aquatic Mammal Sound Production Mechanisms – by Joy S. Reidenberg

Marine Mammal Acoustic Behavior – by Peter L. Tyack

Sound Perspectives

The Need for Speed – by James F. Lynch and Adrian KC Lee

ASA Education and Outreach Program – by L. Keeta Jones

Women in Acoustics: Honoring Some of Our Heroes – by Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen

The Shape of the ASA: Similarity Relationships Among the Acoustical Society’s Technical Areas – by Kenneth J. de Jong and Terrin Tamati

Technical Committee Report: Animal Bioacoustics – by Christine Erbe and Micheal L. Dent


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

Book Announcements from ASA Press

Understanding Acoustics – by Steven L. Garrett

Acoustics of the Seabed as a Poroelastic Medium – by Nicholas P. Chotiros


Chester M. McKinney | 1920-2017

William N. Tavolga | 1922-2017

Volume 13, Issue 3 – Fall 2017

From the Editor
From the President
From the Executive Director

Featured Articles

The Acoustics of Marine Sediments – by Megan S. Ballard and Kevin M. Lee

Animal Psychoacoustics – by Micheal L. Dent

Improving Academic Mentoring Relationships and Environments – by Kent L. Gee and Arthur N. Popper

Imaging the Listening Brain – by Adrian KC Lee

Otoacoustic Emissions: Can Laboratory Research Improve Their Clinical Utility? –  by Brenda L. Lonsbury-Martin, Barden B. Stagner, and Glen K. Martin

Sound Perspectives

A Report from the Treasurer: Acoustical Society Finances – by David Feit

Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – by Carl Rosenberg

Standards Program of the Acoustical Society of America – by Christopher J. Struck

Technical Committee Report: Signal Processing – by Paul J. Gendron

Le Semaine du Son – by Ernesto Accolti


ASA Press Book Announcements:

•Bat Bioacoustics – M. Brock Fenton, Alan D. Grinnel, Arthur N. Popper, and Richard R. Fay
Review by Whitlow W. L. Au

Finite Element and Boundary Methods in Structural Acoustics and Vibration – Noureddine Atalla and Franck Sgard
Review by Ahmad T. Ahawi

Volume 13, Issue 4 Winter 2017

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

isadore Rudnick (1917-1997): Acoustics in the Service of Physics – Steven L. Garrett, Julian D. Maynard, and Seth J. Putterman

Trespassing the Barrier of the Brain with Ultrasound – Elisa E. Konofagou

Acoustics and Astronomy – James F. Lynch

Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball and Softball Bats – Daniel A. Russell

Theories about Target Ranging in Bat Sonar – James A. Simmons

Some Work on the Diagnosis and Management of Kidney Stones with Ultrasound – Julianna C. Simon, Adam D. Maxwell, and Michael R. Bailey

Sound Perspectives

Ask an Acoustician – Micheal L. Dent

Technical Committee Report: Underwater Acoustics – Megan S. Ballard

Twenty-Five Years of the ASA Women in Acoustics Committee – Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen

ASA Education and Outreach Program – L. Keeta Jones

ASA Sounds out on Social Media – Dan Farrell and L. Keeta Jones


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

Obituary – Konstantin A. Naugolnykh | 1932-2017



Volume 12, Issue 1 – Spring 2016

From the President and the Executive Director
From the Web Office Manager

Featured Articles

The Invention and Evolution of the Piano – Nicholas Giordano

The Evolution of Mammalian Sound Localization – Henry E. Heffner and Rickye S. Heffner

Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss— Time for a Paradigm Shift – William J. Murphy

Walter H. Munk: Seventy-Five Years of Exploring the Seas – Robert C. Spindel and Peter F. Worcester

Infrasound from Tornados: Theory, Measurement, and Prospects for Their Use in Early Warning Systems – Carrick Talmadge and Roger Waxler


Book Announcement from ASA Press:

ASAPress/Springer: Treatise on Acoustics – E.F.F. Chladni (Translated by Robert T. Beyer)

Technical Committee Report: Physical Acoustics Joseph (Josh) Gladden

News from the Acoustical Society Foundation – Carl J. Rosenberg


Leif Bjørnø (1937–2015)
Karl Uno Ingard (1921-2014)


Volume 12, Issue 2 – Summer 2016

Summer 2016

From the Editor
From the Executive Director
From the Editors of JASA-EL and POMA

Featured Articles

Designing Active Learning Environments – John R. Buck, Kathleen E. Wage and Jill K. Nelson

Violin Acoustics – Colin E. Gough

Acoustics of Regionally Accented Speech – Ewa Jacewicz and Robert A. Fox

Regeneration of Auditory Hair Cells: A Potential Treatment for Hearing Loss on the Horizon – Rebecca M. Lewis, Edwin W Rubel and Jennifer S. Stone


Technical Committee Report: Psychological and Physiological Acoustics – Andrew J. Oxenham

News from the Acoustical Society Foundation – Carl J. Rosenberg

ASA News: Standards Committee Meetings Reports: ISO/TC 43 (Acoustics) and ISO/TC 43/SC 1 (Noise), Milan, Italy, September 2015 – Robert D. Hellweg, Jr., Jeff G. Schmitt and Laura Ann Wilber

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

Worship Space Acoustics: 3 Decades of Design – D.T. Bradley, E.E. Ryherd, L.M. Ronsse (Eds.)

Acoustics of Musical Instruments – A. Chaigne, J. Kergomard


George Elias Ioup (1939-2016)
Norman C. Pickering (1916–2015)
Roelof J. Ritsma (1925-2015)
Ewart Wetherill (1928–2015)


Volume 12, Issue 3 – Fall 2016

Fall 2016

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

Against All Odds: Commercial Sound Recording and Reproduction in Analog Times – by George Brock-Nannestad

Smart People Behaving Foolishly: Lessons from a Career in Scientific Research – by Grace A. Clark

Acoustic Metamaterials – by Michael R. Haberman and Andrew N. Norris

Underwater Acoustics: A Brief Historical Overview Through World War II – by Thomas G. Muir and David L. Bradley

Residential Quietude, the Top Luxury Requirement – by Bonnie Schnitta


Technical Committee Report: Structural Acoustics and Vibration Robert M. Koch and Christina J. Naify

News from the Acoustical Society Foundation – Carl J. Rosenberg

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

Bat Bioacoustics – M.B. Fenton, A.D. Grinnell, A.N. Popper, R.R. Fay (Eds.)

Book Review

Foundations of Statistical Energy Analysis in Vibroacoustics
A. Le Bot   Review by Rudolph Martinez 


Louis C. Sutherland | 1926-2016


Volume 12 Issue 4, Winter 2016

From the Editor
From the Education and Outreach Coordinator

Featured Articles

Sound and Marine Seismic Surveys – by Robert C. Gisiner

James Clerk Maxwell and the Physics of Sound – by Philip L. Marston

The Acoustics of Brass Musical Instruments – by Thomas R. Moore

Highway Traffic Noise – by Judith L. Rochat and Darlene Reiter

A History of Speech Production Research – by Maureen Stone and Christine H. Shadle


Technical Committee Report: Biomedical Acoustics – by Nathan McDannold

ASA News

News from the Acoustical Society Foundation – Carl J. Rosenberg

Engaging Early Career Acousticians in the Acoustical Society of America – by Tessa Bent

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

Hearing Aids  Editors: G. R. Popelka, B. C. J. Moore, R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper (Eds.)


Leo Leroy Beranek (1914-2016)
Edwin L. Carstensen (1919-2016)
Donald C. Teas (1927-2016)

Book Review

American Luthier, Carleen Hutchins —   The Art & Science of the Violin – Author  Quincy Whitney

Book Announcement from ASA Press

Hearing Aids – Editors: G. R. Popelka, B. C. J. Moore, R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper (Eds.)


Volume 11 Issue 1

Winter 2015

Articles – Individual PDF’s

Acoustic Cloaking – Andrew N. Norris

Computer Simulation for Predicting Acoustic Scattering from Objects at the Bottom of the Ocean – David S. Burnett

Worldwide Low-Frequency Ambient Noise – David L. Bradley and Stephen M. Nichols

A Century of Sonar: Planetary Oceanography, Underwater Noise Monitoring, and the Terminology of Underwater Sound – Michael A. Ainslie


ASA News

Technical Committee report: Acoustical Oceanography – Andone C. Lavery



Volume 11 Issue 2

Spring 2015

Articles – Individual PDF’s

Allan D. Pierce: A Celebration of a Career in Acoustics in Commemoration of His Retirement as Editor-in-Chief of the Acoustical Society of America – Jerry H. Ginsberg and Peter H Rogers

The Underwater Sound Field from Impact Pile Driving and Its Potential Effects on Marine Life – Peter H. Dahl, Christ A. F. de Jong and Arthur N. Popper

Pushing the Envelope of Auditory Research with Cochlear Implants – Matthew J. Goupell

Concorde Booms and the Mysterious East Coast Noises – Peter H Rogers and Domenic J. Maglieri

Sound Propagation in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer – D. Keith Wilson, Chris L. Pettit and Vladimir E. Ostashev

Objective Bayesian Analysis in Acoustics – Ning Xiang and Cameron Fackler

Dr. Per V. Brüel – 100 Years – Leif Bjørnø

From the President

From the Executive Director


Book Review: Auditory Processing of Temporal Fine Structure: Effects of Age and Hearing Loss, by Brian C. J. Moore – review by Hamish Innes- Brown and Jeremy Marozeau

Technical Committee Report: Speech Communication – Robert F. Port

ASA News:

• Students Meet Members For Lunch – David T. Blackstock
• News from the Acoustical Society Foundation

Letters to the Editor

Obituary- Floyd Dunn (1924-2015)


Volume 11 Issue 3

Summer 2015

Articles – Individual PDF’s

Update on Acoustical Society of America Publications from the Editor in Chief – James F. Lynch

Nonreciprocal Acoustics – Romain Fleury, Dimitrios Sounas, Michael R. Haberman and Andrea Alù

Lending an Ear in the Courtroom: Forensic Acoustics – Robert C. Maher

Reading, Writing, and the Acoustical Society of America – Allan D. Pierce

Where the Decibels Hit the Water: Perspectives on the Application of Science to Real-World Underwater Noise and Marine Protected Species Issues – Amy R. Scholik-Schlomer

Psychoacoustics: A Brief Historical Overview – William A. Yost

From the President


Book Announcement and Review:

ASA PRESS/Springer: Model-Based Processing for Underwater Acoustic Arrays – Edmund J. Sullivan

Acoustics of Small Rooms – Mendel Kleiner and Jiri Tichy – Review by Murray Hodgson, Leila Scannell and James Higgins

ASA Foundation Update – Carl J. Rosenberg

Technical Committee Report: Noise – Scott Sommerfeldt and William J. Murphy

Obituary: David Alan Bies (1925-2015)

ASA News:
Students Activities at ASA Pittsburgh – Chris Jasinski












Volume 10 Issue 4

FALL 2014

Articles – Individual PDF’s
Leo Beranek’s Role in the Acoustical Society of America – Charles E. Schmid
Leo Beranek’s Contributions to Noise and Vibration Control – William W. Lang and  George C. Maling
Leo Beranek’s Contributions to the Field of  Transportation Noise – Carl E. Hanson
Leo Beranek in Pictures – photograph compilation courtesy of Carl J. Rosenberg and William J. Cavanaugh
Psychoacoustics and Community Noise Impact Assessment – Sanford Fidell
Leo Beranek and Concert Hall Acoustics – Benjamin Markham
Leo Beranek: Technology, Business, and Civic Visionary – David Walden
Technical Committee Report: Architectural Acoustics – Kenneth W. Good, Jr.
ASA News: Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – Carl J. Rosenberg
PASS At the Summit: Activities at recent Physical Acoustics Summer School – Joseph R. Gladden, George Atkins, Kent L. Gee and Tracianne B. Neilsen





Issue 4 Oct 2013


Comments on Recently Published Article, Concerns about Infrasound from Wind Turbines – Paul D. Schomer

Single‐Beam Acoustic Tweezers: A New Tool for Microparticle Manipulation – Ying Li, Jae Youn Hwang, K. Kirk Shung and Jungwoo Lee 

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Teenagers – Robert S. Schlauch

ASA School Debuts in Kansas City  – Brigitte Schulte‐Fortkamp and Judy R. Dubno

Activities of the Georgia Tech Student Chapter  – Jason A. Kulpe, Katherine F. Woolfe, Bernard D. Shieh, Shane W. Lani, Brendan V. Nichol and Ellen A. Skow

Mechanical Models of the Human Vocal Tract – Takayuki Arai

The Rossing Prize: The First 10 Years  – Allan D. Pierce

Reminiscences of Miguel Junger – David Feit and Joel Garrelick

Blake S. Wilson Receives Award for Cochlear Implant Research and Development  – Allan D. Pierce



Issue 3 Jul 2013


The”Sound of Freedom”: Characterizing Jet Noise from High-Performance Military Aircraft –Kent L. Gee, Tracianne B. Neilsen, and Alan T. Wall

Wind Turbine Noise – Nancy S. Timmerman

Concerns About Infrasound From Wind Turbines – Geoff Leventhall

The Waveguide Variant: Spatial Interference Patterns in Underwater Acoustics – Chris H. Harrison



Issue 2 Apr 2013


 Acoustics of Recording Studios  – Marshall Long

Control Room Design: The Monitoring Environment” – George L. Augspurger

Motion Picture Scoring Stages an Overview – Shawn Murphy

Music, Rooms and Listeners Science in the Creation and Delivery of Audio Art  – Floyd E. Toole



Issue 1 Jan 2013


On the Fascinating Phenomenon of Diffraction by Periodic Structures – Nico Felicien Declercq

Microbubbles as Ultrasound Contrast Agents  – Thomas J. Matula, Hong Chen

A Simple Electronically‐Phased Acoustic Array  – Martin L. Smith, Michael R. Roddewig, Kurt M. Strovink, John A. Scales

Report of ISO-TC 43, Acoustics, and ISO-TC 43-SC1, Noise, Standards Meetings in Florianopolis, Brazil, November 2012 – Robert D. Hellweg, Jr., Jeff G. Schmitt, Laura Ann Wilber


Issue 4 Oct 2012


Applications of Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Surgery – Daniel Pajek and Kullervo Hynynen

Photoacoustic Imaging for Medical Diagnostics – Carolyn L. Bayer, Geoffrey P. Luke, and Stanislav Y. Emelianov

Disintegration of Tissue Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: Two Approaches that Utilize Shock Waves – Adam Maxwell, Oleg Sapozhnikov, Michael Bailey, Lawrence Crum, Zhen Xu, Brian Fowlkes, Charles Cain, and Vera Khokhlova

Ultrasonic Bioeffects on Peripheral Nerves – Robert Muratore and Jeffrey J. Vaitekunas



Issue 3 Jul 2012


Remote Sensing of Fish Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring – David A. Mann

Bioacoustical Monitoring in Terrestrial Environments— – Kurt M. Fristrup and Dan Mennitt

Counting Critters in the Sea Using Active Acoustics – Joseph D. Warren

Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Estimating Animal Density – Len Thomas and Tiago A. Marques



Issue 2 Apr 2012


Acoustical Tests of Middle-Ear and Cochlear Function in Infants and Adults – Douglas H. Keefe

Spatial Release from Masking – Ruth Y. Litovsky

Tonal Language Processing – Fan-Gang Zeng

Hearing Loss and Frequency Analysis of Complex Sounds – Marjorie Leek and Michelle Molis

Physiological Correlates of Perceptual Deficits Following Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Michael G. Heinz

Auditory Cortical Function: Insights from Current Approaches – Christoph E. Schreiner, Patrick O. Kanold, Hisayuki Ojima, Shihab A. Shamma, and Steven G. Lomber

Wind Turbines and Ghost Stories: The Effects of Infrasound on the Human Auditory System – Hsuan-hsiu Annie Chen and Peter Narins



Issue 1 Jan 2012


The Acoustical Society of America Standards Program: Organization and Scope – Paul D. Schomer

International Standards Development and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group Process – Susan B. Blaeser

Consensus Standards: One Perspective from a Government Scientist – Arnold G. Konheim

Tower of Babel, or Why Bother About International Standards Östen Axelsson

Taking American National Standards to the International Level – Michael A Bahtiatian

Acoustical Standards Play A Key Role in Optimized Solutions – Stephen J. Lind

Modern Tools for Improving the Development of Acoustical Standards – Christopher J. Struck


Issue 4 Oct 2011


Voices and Listeners: Toward A Model of Voice Perception – Jody Kreiman and Diana Sidtis

Imitation in Speech – Molly Babel

Human Voice in Evolutionary Perspective – Michael J. Owren

Phonetics of Endangered Languages – D. H. Whalen, Christian T. DiCanio, and Patricia A. Shaw



Issue 3 Jul 2011


Model-Based Ocean Acoustic Signal Processing – Edmund J. Sullivan, Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou, and Caglar Yardim

Signal Processing in Physical and Engineering Acoustics – David H. Chambers, Brian E. Anderson, Brian G. Ferguson, Kam W. Lo, and Michael Roan

Signal Processing in Speech and Hearing Technology – Sean A. Fulop, Kelly Fitz, and Douglas O’Shaughnessy

Signal and Image Processing Techniques as Applied to Animal Bioacoustics Problems – Chris Tiemann, Jules S. Jaffe, Paul L. D. Roberts, Natalia A. Sidorovskaia, George E. Ioup, Juliette W. Ioup, Alexander Ekimov, and Sean K. Lehman

Collaborating with Chinese Scientists – Whitlow W. L. Au



Issue 2 Apr 2011


Stepping Up to the Table: A Few Thoughts on the Role of Scientists in the Policy-Making Process – Dahlia L. Sokolov

Cook Stoves and Climate Change – Steven L. Garrett

Science Policy Matters: Observations from Two Years in Washington, D.C.- Jeffrey J. Fox

Sucked into the Culture War – Greg Swift



Issue 1 Jan 2011


 In Search of a New Paradigm: How Do Our Parameters and Measurement Techniques Constrain Approaches to Concert Hall Design? – Larry Kirkegaard and Tim Gulsrud

Clarity, Cocktails, and Concerts: Listening in Concert Halls – David Griesinger

From Sports Arena to Sanctuary: Taming a Texas-sized Reverberation Time –  Russ Berger

Up in Knudsen’s Attic: Some Private Papers of Vern O. Knudsen – Neil A. Shaw

Professional Studios – Marshall Long